Drinking and Drawing

Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA by Flying Dog Brewery, colored pencils and Resketch sketchbook
One of my favorite events as of late are sketching sessions at bars and coffee houses For an admission fee of $15-$20, a person can drink and draw for three hours. Models are often in cosplay which makes it even more interesting of a subject. Artists and illustrators of different backgrounds and skill-levels are welcome to hangout and socialize.
As an artist and illustrator, I can never get too much figure drawing practice and it is not too many times I can get anybody to model for me. These events are perfect for me and my fellow artists friends.
Just make sure that there is good craft beer or coffee and I will be a happy camper

4 poses: 25 minutes each pose

I don't need fancy art supplies.

and then this happened! I was interviewed for from a correspondent from 790 KABC

Links to check out:
http://resketch.org/ : Recycled sketchbooks with differing colors and textures.
http://gallerygirls.org/ : Gallery Girls: Events put on by art-loving/art-supporting/cosplay-wearing event producers and models
http://www.kabc.com/ : see if you can find my interview!

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