Vintage Daishiki Los Angeles Jersey by Dimepiece LA
A beautiful thing happens when a person seeks and expresses their true selves; the Universe connects that person with other beings sharing the same light. Meet Agnes Ito representing under the handle of Mama Warrior Goddess. She is on her way in being a high level light worker and want to promote healing and radical self love, particularly among women.

I want to gather women like us....healers, feminists, artists, brujas, homegirls, hip hop heads who love hard, women who love their bodies! A goddess girl gang. "magic for girls like us"....that's what I want.

It is only natural that a strong friendship and partnership is formed with Melinda Alexander, a woman who does "women's work," and has helped styled Agnes for her photo promo shoot. It is hard to say that Melinda is just a stylist as she also is a virtual inspirational speaker and produces events on the subject of women's holistic health, sexuality and well-being.

I help women reimagine themselves, their style, their lives.
I do women's work.

This is a small glimpse of their photoshoot, photographs taken by John Ponce 

Vintage Daishiki Los Angeles Jersey by Dimepiece LA
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