2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Tokidoki. I can't believe that it officially have spanned from one generation to another already. I have bought Tokidoki products for my mother and to many of my friends and their daughters. I remember logging into the first HTML site of this Italian graphic designer and just falling in love with his characters. I have seen these kawaii characters resurrect dying companies like LeSportSac to be thriving and successful. Then the collaborations started rolling in from with Asics, Sephora and Sanrio.

I was blessed to be present at the VIP Tokidoki 10ve party at the Well in DTLA. Big thanks to Kat and Lyle for invite and admission. It was pretty fun being treated to free California donuts, Kogi Tacos and the gift bag with all the Tokidoki 10ve swag was HEAVENLY!

the party continues to the public:
The Well
1006 S. Olive Street
Los Angeles, CA 


Saturday September 12th, 2015: Exodus Events brings you "Tatuaje: A Multicultural Tattoo Experience." Tattoo Artists are often overlooked as artists. What people don't realize that it takes a certain amount of extraordinary skill in order to bring artwork alive on flesh. Tatuaje gives them that spotlight, honoring their talents as well their craft. A diverse group of talented artists, curated by Freddy Negrete, will showcase their unique styles and high technical skills, taking their art on skin and placing them on gallery walls.

Tickets are $20 at the door and proceeds go to Plaza De La Raza so that this community center can continue to provide Los Angeles a space for artists to be their own historians and allow them to speak their narratives.

I was blessed to be part of the VIP reception, allowing me to see the work first hand as well as having an intimate space where we all can meet the featured artists.

Detail of work by Freddy Negrete
"LA Angel" by Yely Diaz
"Lovely Devil" by Victor Sepulveda Oil/Airbrush
"Angelinas" by Arlene Salinas
"Breakfast of Tijuana" by Wade Hex

Once again, Antonio Pelayo

On August 17 to September 25th, I will be participating in a 40 day liver and toxin cleanse developed by Erika Elizondo. I attended a women's workshop at MumuMansion put on by Melinda Alexander. Erika was one of the women in the audience. After we talked about yoni eggs, kegal exercises and vaginal steaming, Melinda brought up Erika to the limelight to talk about her cleansing program.

It sparked an interest. Normally, I don't really partake in any of that. My own stubbornness would chime in and say "Oh but we do that already" and "Why should I pay for anything when I can do my own research and figure it out myself?" Well, Ego has a way of taking charge and she loves being independent. After all, I did so well by going through a Paleo diet, losing over 50 pounds. But something happened where my body is starting show signs of stress, particularly on my skin. An autoimmune disorders started to run rampant and my summer has been nothing but heat rashes and psoriasis. At this point, I need to surrender and go with the flow, that meaning there is an underlying interest and need to do something I am not used to and be open to the knowledge and wisdom that has been concluded after months of her research. Plus Erika's bio indicated that she, like me, suffers from autoimmune disorders. That is the deal breaker there.

I'm all signed up. I will be documenting my journey here, on this blog, as well as sharing my recipes and dishes.

I'm very excited to start and I am very excited to share the process as well as the results.

Picture taken from http://www.ahealingworld.com/

Vintage Daishiki Los Angeles Jersey by Dimepiece LA
A beautiful thing happens when a person seeks and expresses their true selves; the Universe connects that person with other beings sharing the same light. Meet Agnes Ito representing under the handle of Mama Warrior Goddess. She is on her way in being a high level light worker and want to promote healing and radical self love, particularly among women.

I want to gather women like us....healers, feminists, artists, brujas, homegirls, hip hop heads who love hard, women who love their bodies! A goddess girl gang. "magic for girls like us"....that's what I want.

It is only natural that a strong friendship and partnership is formed with Melinda Alexander, a woman who does "women's work," and has helped styled Agnes for her photo promo shoot. It is hard to say that Melinda is just a stylist as she also is a virtual inspirational speaker and produces events on the subject of women's holistic health, sexuality and well-being.

I help women reimagine themselves, their style, their lives.
I do women's work.

This is a small glimpse of their photoshoot, photographs taken by John Ponce 

Vintage Daishiki Los Angeles Jersey by Dimepiece LA
Red and White Sky Dunks by Nike

Los Angeles, if you need to figure out what to do for Memorial Day weekend, make sure you add this to your agenda. Prometheus Brown, a lyricist/educator/activist hailing from Seattle extends the push of his agenda of uplifting  communities, particularly advocating for the Filipino demographic, by setting aside his pen and mic and head over to every heart of Filipino family's home, the kitchen.

Food and Sh*t is a monthly pop up curated by Prometheus Brown and Chera Amlag held at Inay's Pacific Cuisine every Monday. They are taking that experience down the Best Coast to Los Angeles at Roy Choi's Line Hotel!

Filipino Cuisine, both fusion and traditional, has now have a solid footing in Los Angeles. Restaurants like the Park's Finest, Baker Cakemaker and Creme de la Creme are showcasing their version of food with a Filipino twist. Many pop-ups happening in and around Los Angeles, hosting out-of-state chefs, culinary collectives and restaurants at local restaurants or as intimate as the dining room table of a dinner host's home, selling out tickets and extending more spots to accomodating the need.

These events are so popular that they sell out. Keep an eye on their Pop-Up Online Shop for the released link of their tickets.

Instagram pic @foodandsh_t

Instagram pic @foodandsh_t
Mochiko Geoduck
Update: Los Angeles Magazine online just released an article about Filipino food.
From my perspective, it is a long time coming. I have seen it buzzing and rising and only until recently, despite of the footing Filipino cuisine gained in other metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and New York, Los Angeles needed to catch up. Southern California, with it's rising Filipino demographics, trailed behind in embracing Filipino cuisine as food that can translate and presented to the masses. Filipino food is soul food. It is homemade and it tells the story of your family as everybody has their own unique recipe. For my parents' generation, it is hard for them to want to leave the house and try other Filipino food when the food cooked at home is delicious.

It certainly took a new generation to stand by this concept of supporting our culture by introducing to non-Pinoys, our cuisine. I knew I would see this day!
Two years ago, I vowed to have bought my last L.A.M.B. purse. I managed to limit myself to four purses of various sizes. And then I bought a pair of shoes last year, gorgeous pony hair, houndstooth collage print that I can only be in for four hours.
And then I logged into Shoedazzle. I didn't see Kim Kardashian's face but instead, Rachel Zoe's stamp. My have we changed! They also added several shoe brands that I love. One that has caught my eye, is GX by Gwen Stefani, a more affordable line accompanying her LAMB line. GX is just as fun but more colorful. The GX purses are just as stylish but will not break the bank.

This line alone is tempting me to officially start my Shoedazzle subscription but for a person who is obsessed with shoes, this can be dangerous.

Pic taken at Nordstroms

Pic taken from Nordstroms

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Gwen Stefani's site

Artisanal LA is a showcase of local food vendors and artisans in California, mainly from SoCal. It focuses on supporting small independent businesses, building community and supporting a business model that focuses on sustainability and quality. I heard about this special showcase by friends who participated in this special convention of sorts. It was founded by Shawna Dawson, a marketing and social media guru who took her passion of food and local businesses and started an event that gave these independent businesses a venue to shine in.

Back when Artisanal LA started, it was illegal to sell homemade food without a permit, documents that were pricey and unattainable. What Dawson did in the beginning years was that she held a "private event," invited a couple of thousand of her closest friends and had the participants sign a waiver at the door. But with the passing of California Homemade Food Act in 2013, events like these can allow vendors to sell food from their kitchens.

Artisanal LA allows us to sample local small food businesses all under one roof, as well as checking out corporate sponsors and local artisans.


Ceramics and succulents

I signed up for Farm Fresh to You, an organic produce delivery straight from one of 18 local farms near Los Angeles. For an introductory price, I get to get the freshest, in-season produce sent directly to me. I will review this shortly. Excited!

San Diego's Mallow Mallow's Bourbon marshmallow bacon S'more. THIS is why I came to the event for the first place.

I wish gluten was my co-pilot. LOL! Delicious bread from K and V Bakery
Instagram: kandvbakery

Good to see Dewey from Social Machine printing live! Good to see a friend in community arts representing in this space. A limited edition of totes were given to the first 1000 people each day.

Boba in a jar! I got the honey dew melon. The milk tea was dairy-free too!

These preserves were amazing. I ended up scoring a strawberry lavendar and a peach blueberry one. They donated 10 percent of their sales for supplemental youth educational programs.

Avery Labels is one of the sponsors for the event. They had a contest on package and logo design for the vendors. The audience was invited to vote for their favorite package design by voting with stickers provided by Avery.

I sat in one of the panels led by Shawna Dawson with two of the vendors of the show. Dawson explained how Artisanal LA came about and the power of social media in marketing.

Portable farm boxes

Some of the BEST organic raw honey I have tasted!

Stones and succulents

Air plants with stones

I brought this one home. Loved the amethyst crystals

$3 bouquets of wild California native flowers

Place was packed!

Bread Srsly is the best gluten-free sourdough I have tasted. Happy to know I can get this in the freezer section in Erewhon near my house.

Beautiful bouqets from Bloom Nation
One of my favorite bakers was there. Cupcakes with Mexican flavors interpreted from Tamal de Mole, Marzapan, Churro and Pan Dulce.

Chalk board and handlettering

Best raw cookie dough around that has no animal products, gluten free, no GMO and no soy. Perfect baked or eat it raw!


The pups have treats too!

Another sponsor. Found this in our totes!

One of the free totes they were giving away.

Overall, I love this event as much as I love LA's other fairs such as Renegade Craft Fair and Unique LA. I particularly loved this event because it highlighted food, environment sustainability and local small businesses. I will definitely check this event out again.

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