Two years ago, I vowed to have bought my last L.A.M.B. purse. I managed to limit myself to four purses of various sizes. And then I bought a pair of shoes last year, gorgeous pony hair, houndstooth collage print that I can only be in for four hours.
And then I logged into Shoedazzle. I didn't see Kim Kardashian's face but instead, Rachel Zoe's stamp. My have we changed! They also added several shoe brands that I love. One that has caught my eye, is GX by Gwen Stefani, a more affordable line accompanying her LAMB line. GX is just as fun but more colorful. The GX purses are just as stylish but will not break the bank.

This line alone is tempting me to officially start my Shoedazzle subscription but for a person who is obsessed with shoes, this can be dangerous.

Pic taken at Nordstroms

Pic taken from Nordstroms

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Gwen Stefani's site

Artisanal LA is a showcase of local food vendors and artisans in California, mainly from SoCal. It focuses on supporting small independent businesses, building community and supporting a business model that focuses on sustainability and quality. I heard about this special showcase by friends who participated in this special convention of sorts. It was founded by Shawna Dawson, a marketing and social media guru who took her passion of food and local businesses and started an event that gave these independent businesses a venue to shine in.

Back when Artisanal LA started, it was illegal to sell homemade food without a permit, documents that were pricey and unattainable. What Dawson did in the beginning years was that she held a "private event," invited a couple of thousand of her closest friends and had the participants sign a waiver at the door. But with the passing of California Homemade Food Act in 2013, events like these can allow vendors to sell food from their kitchens.

Artisanal LA allows us to sample local small food businesses all under one roof, as well as checking out corporate sponsors and local artisans.

Ceramics and succulents

I signed up for Farm Fresh to You, an organic produce delivery straight from one of 18 local farms near Los Angeles. For an introductory price, I get to get the freshest, in-season produce sent directly to me. I will review this shortly. Excited!

San Diego's Mallow Mallow's Bourbon marshmallow bacon S'more. THIS is why I came to the event for the first place.

I wish gluten was my co-pilot. LOL! Delicious bread from K and V Bakery
Instagram: kandvbakery

Good to see Dewey from Social Machine printing live! Good to see a friend in community arts representing in this space. A limited edition of totes were given to the first 1000 people each day.

Boba in a jar! I got the honey dew melon. The milk tea was dairy-free too!

These preserves were amazing. I ended up scoring a strawberry lavendar and a peach blueberry one. They donated 10 percent of their sales for supplemental youth educational programs.

Avery Labels is one of the sponsors for the event. They had a contest on package and logo design for the vendors. The audience was invited to vote for their favorite package design by voting with stickers provided by Avery.

I sat in one of the panels led by Shawna Dawson with two of the vendors of the show. Dawson explained how Artisanal LA came about and the power of social media in marketing.

Portable farm boxes

Some of the BEST organic raw honey I have tasted!

Stones and succulents

Air plants with stones

I brought this one home. Loved the amethyst crystals

$3 bouquets of wild California native flowers

Place was packed!

Bread Srsly is the best gluten-free sourdough I have tasted. Happy to know I can get this in the freezer section in Erewhon near my house.

Beautiful bouqets from Bloom Nation
One of my favorite bakers was there. Cupcakes with Mexican flavors interpreted from Tamal de Mole, Marzapan, Churro and Pan Dulce.

Chalk board and handlettering

Best raw cookie dough around that has no animal products, gluten free, no GMO and no soy. Perfect baked or eat it raw!


The pups have treats too!

Another sponsor. Found this in our totes!

One of the free totes they were giving away.

Overall, I love this event as much as I love LA's other fairs such as Renegade Craft Fair and Unique LA. I particularly loved this event because it highlighted food, environment sustainability and local small businesses. I will definitely check this event out again.

I take great pride in being more mindful and thoughtful in the giftst that I give. I focus meaning, connection, great design and shopping LOCAL. I am a bit excited for tomorrow for I will be checking out two events.  I am hoping that I will practice great restraint and not break the bank! =)

The first one is located in Downtown LA and is called Artisanal LA which focus local crafters, artisans and chefs. Wait, design, craft and FOOD? I am so there!
The second event is located in Pasadena and it is their first time! 200 local artist and artisans and best of all the event is FREE!

Stay tuned for upcoming pictures of these events.

Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA by Flying Dog Brewery, colored pencils and Resketch sketchbook
One of my favorite events as of late are sketching sessions at bars and coffee houses For an admission fee of $15-$20, a person can drink and draw for three hours. Models are often in cosplay which makes it even more interesting of a subject. Artists and illustrators of different backgrounds and skill-levels are welcome to hangout and socialize.
As an artist and illustrator, I can never get too much figure drawing practice and it is not too many times I can get anybody to model for me. These events are perfect for me and my fellow artists friends.
Just make sure that there is good craft beer or coffee and I will be a happy camper

4 poses: 25 minutes each pose

I don't need fancy art supplies.

and then this happened! I was interviewed for from a correspondent from 790 KABC

Links to check out: : Recycled sketchbooks with differing colors and textures. : Gallery Girls: Events put on by art-loving/art-supporting/cosplay-wearing event producers and models : see if you can find my interview!

Ensaymadas are Filipino buns topped with butter and sugar and sometimes cheese. BCM uses 2 year-aged Welsh Cheddar. These bun are heated up to eat at the bakery or you can take some home like the wrapped one above.
The power of social media should not be underestimated! After a couple of months of seeing images of pastries circulating in my Instagram feed thanks to #FilipinoFoodMovement, I finally paid a visit.
Chef Aris was present and was very friendly and engaging. He was generous enough to have us try his freshly baked goods, which are buttery and heavenly and for a person who doesn't eat breads and sweets often, these small bites alone makes up for lost time.

I can review the pastries, but you can always read them here. Having a conversation with the owner and creator of Baker Cakemaker and understanding his viewpoints made the trip more worthwhile. Chef Aris is a trained pastry chef who helped launched La Boulange on La Brea. He decided to break off to create his own recipes, hoping to set him apart from other French bakeries by playing with Asian and Filipino ingredients and tastes. He takes his training, his attention to detail and refinement and incorporating a cultural cuisine that until lately, have been flying under the radar. It's amazing how far Filipino cuisine is being pushed today. Filipino cuisine, has come a long time since the Los Angeles 2010 article about why Filipino cuisine is not served by LA's top chefs who happen to be Filipino.
Baker Cakemaker is primarily a one-man army. Everything is baked onsight and not shipped from a mass production factory off-site. When you buy from BCM, you are buying homemade-with-love cakes and pastries and supporting and independant business directly. Support local. Love local.
Ensaymada bread pudding heated up and topped with creme anglaise.

Macarons with Filipino flavors: Chocolate, peanut butter and guava jelly and ube, which is also known as taro.

Sans Rival, a gluten free dessert with a twist. Made with hazelnuts and Nutella

I don't use microwaves so I popped this in the oven to melt the cheese and overal make the outside of the bun crispy.

Bobo's Cold Brew is from San Diego. Super good and flavorful, I don't need to add cream and sugar. Perfect balance to my sweet goods.

Baker Cakemaker is located at:
5173 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano in Hawaii. In Polynesian belief, it is believed that is it is the oldest location, where it's eruptions gave birth to the land of this earth. It is why this location is considered sacred grounds and there has been a battle between the Native Hawaiians with their supporters and Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) and observatory who is trying to build the biggest optical telescope and  which will cost $1.6 billion dollars. This is 7 years in the making but it is only lately when the Native Hawaiians are mobilizing and upping their efforts in stopping the construction.

I am not Native Hawaiian but it doesn't mean I don't understand their plight. We are living in a world where it is becoming rare to find in nature places that have not been manipulated by the hand of man. I have a deep respect for these protectors (a word they chose instead of using "protesters") and support them. Aside from desecrating sacred land, the construction is believed to also destroy the natural habitat and the animals that inhabit the area.

I'm keeping an eye on how this will develop.

Here is Protect Mauna Kea's Facebook Page

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