Latest thing to catch my eye: GX by Gwen Stefani

Two years ago, I vowed to have bought my last L.A.M.B. purse. I managed to limit myself to four purses of various sizes. And then I bought a pair of shoes last year, gorgeous pony hair, houndstooth collage print that I can only be in for four hours.
And then I logged into Shoedazzle. I didn't see Kim Kardashian's face but instead, Rachel Zoe's stamp. My have we changed! They also added several shoe brands that I love. One that has caught my eye, is GX by Gwen Stefani, a more affordable line accompanying her LAMB line. GX is just as fun but more colorful. The GX purses are just as stylish but will not break the bank.

This line alone is tempting me to officially start my Shoedazzle subscription but for a person who is obsessed with shoes, this can be dangerous.

Pic taken at Nordstroms

Pic taken from Nordstroms

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Shoedazzle

Pic by Gwen Stefani's site

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