We are Mauna Kea


Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano in Hawaii. In Polynesian belief, it is believed that is it is the oldest location, where it's eruptions gave birth to the land of this earth. It is why this location is considered sacred grounds and there has been a battle between the Native Hawaiians with their supporters and Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) and observatory who is trying to build the biggest optical telescope and  which will cost $1.6 billion dollars. This is 7 years in the making but it is only lately when the Native Hawaiians are mobilizing and upping their efforts in stopping the construction.

I am not Native Hawaiian but it doesn't mean I don't understand their plight. We are living in a world where it is becoming rare to find in nature places that have not been manipulated by the hand of man. I have a deep respect for these protectors (a word they chose instead of using "protesters") and support them. Aside from desecrating sacred land, the construction is believed to also destroy the natural habitat and the animals that inhabit the area.

I'm keeping an eye on how this will develop.

Here is Protect Mauna Kea's Facebook Page

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