Flower Power- The Importance of Self Care


I'm not sure if "self care" is a 2016 buzz word or if media just decided to write about it being that overall wellness is now being sought after in a society that overworks itself, gets inadequate sleep and brushes off mental and spiritual stability. It seems like for years, mental and spiritual health is something that you is so attainable and so easy to achieve that getting help seems to be taboo or frowned upon. We are taught to "shut up and knuckle up" and just deal when really we are just suppressing parts of us, the not-so-fun parts, down hoping that they go away.

In my circle, we all recognize the importance of resetting and decompressing as well as eliminating any toxic of energy-draining sources. Life can be so overwhelming that it is easy to get pulled under. We are praised for being hustlers, to taking more than we can and being warriors, even if it means taxing our own self.

This sort of martyrdom needs to stop.

Chances are, we are connected to so many people that loves and depend on us. We should give them our all, our best. Why can't we say this for ourselves. After all, we are our own best allies.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." - Audre Lorde

I started the simple act of buying myself flowers every Monday for work. As an artist and designer, it is fun to put together flowers which shapes and colors work together. Trader Joe's have some of the best selection of flowers, some being as low as $3.99. You wold be surprised how having these bouquets on my desk can uplift my mood. Any stressful thought or worry, or a difficult client's attitude is let go simply by me looking at my flowers.

Here is a few of the bouquets i had on my desk in the past week. The most fun are the peonies! They bloomed five minutes on my desk! It was beautiful to see them open in such a short amount of time!

Me every Friday bringing my flowers home from work, filter courtesy of Snapchat

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