Café 86 (not to be confused by 85°C Café just a block away) is a café and dessert spot tucked away in the alleyway, Mills Rd right by the Dog Bakery and across the way from Equator. I've been seeing these ube pastries in Instagram and I knew I had to find my way east from LA to try out their desserts.

Filipino tastes and cuisines have been steadily making an impact in LA and it is beautiful to see those flavors now getting some sort limelight. One of the frustrating things growing up Filipina in a city where we are everywhere is being virtually invisible to mainstream. Places like Café 86 are being unapologetic about introducing our flavors as well as being fearless in experimenting and straying away from traditional standards.

Take for instance the ube cupcake topped with leche flan. Here you have the melding of two favorite desserts into one bite. Now it does get hard to eat it both at the same time as the flan tends to slide off so I found that going back and forth is easier than trying to eat it all at once.

They have a menu full of coffee drinks but being that it was my first time there, I wanted to try as much ube flavored things as possible. The monster shakes are matcha and ube with Oreo cookie blended in. It is delicious, thick and heavy.
The ube cheesecake is just as good- creamy and rich with a cookie crumble on top.

Café 86 is worth the trip and the stay. Enjoy coffee and dessert over a great conversation or bring in your laptop to do some quick work.
Café 86
36 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105



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