Red and Blue with Tribal too


Top right: Nike Revolution Sky Hi (red colorway is discontinued)| Top Left: Custom earrings by Nena Soulfly
Bottom: Crooks and Castles Vixens women cut hockey jersey (discontinued)
I used to wear suits and dresses for work everyday. Shortly after that job, I got a series of creative design jobs where I am allowed to dress how I want to dress. As much as I love dresses and heels, I am super comfortable in street wear. I try to be a bit more structured and put-togethered with the street wear outfits. Don't want to be too sloppy at work or when I get drinks afterwards.

I tend to wear pieces that mix the modern with the old world, city with the native culture. This is why I love Nena Soulfly and her custom handmade jewelry.  Nena Soulfly takes earrings and then customizes them with embellishments and with fabric made from other countries (mostly West African was prints.) I am loving the mashup of modern designed mixed with old world style.

Keep an eye out for Nena Soul on this page as I will be collaborating with her soon.

Here are snap shots of her updated pieces.

Latest addition to my Nena Soulfly collection

Contact Nena Soulfly if you are interested into sone of her work.

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