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Ensaymadas are Filipino buns topped with butter and sugar and sometimes cheese. BCM uses 2 year-aged Welsh Cheddar. These bun are heated up to eat at the bakery or you can take some home like the wrapped one above.
The power of social media should not be underestimated! After a couple of months of seeing images of pastries circulating in my Instagram feed thanks to #FilipinoFoodMovement, I finally paid a visit.
Chef Aris was present and was very friendly and engaging. He was generous enough to have us try his freshly baked goods, which are buttery and heavenly and for a person who doesn't eat breads and sweets often, these small bites alone makes up for lost time.

I can review the pastries, but you can always read them here. Having a conversation with the owner and creator of Baker Cakemaker and understanding his viewpoints made the trip more worthwhile. Chef Aris is a trained pastry chef who helped launched La Boulange on La Brea. He decided to break off to create his own recipes, hoping to set him apart from other French bakeries by playing with Asian and Filipino ingredients and tastes. He takes his training, his attention to detail and refinement and incorporating a cultural cuisine that until lately, have been flying under the radar. It's amazing how far Filipino cuisine is being pushed today. Filipino cuisine, has come a long time since the Los Angeles 2010 article about why Filipino cuisine is not served by LA's top chefs who happen to be Filipino.
Baker Cakemaker is primarily a one-man army. Everything is baked onsight and not shipped from a mass production factory off-site. When you buy from BCM, you are buying homemade-with-love cakes and pastries and supporting and independant business directly. Support local. Love local.
Ensaymada bread pudding heated up and topped with creme anglaise.

Macarons with Filipino flavors: Chocolate, peanut butter and guava jelly and ube, which is also known as taro.

Sans Rival, a gluten free dessert with a twist. Made with hazelnuts and Nutella

I don't use microwaves so I popped this in the oven to melt the cheese and overal make the outside of the bun crispy.

Bobo's Cold Brew is from San Diego. Super good and flavorful, I don't need to add cream and sugar. Perfect balance to my sweet goods.

Baker Cakemaker is located at:
5173 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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