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Los Angeles, if you need to figure out what to do for Memorial Day weekend, make sure you add this to your agenda. Prometheus Brown, a lyricist/educator/activist hailing from Seattle extends the push of his agenda of uplifting  communities, particularly advocating for the Filipino demographic, by setting aside his pen and mic and head over to every heart of Filipino family's home, the kitchen.

Food and Sh*t is a monthly pop up curated by Prometheus Brown and Chera Amlag held at Inay's Pacific Cuisine every Monday. They are taking that experience down the Best Coast to Los Angeles at Roy Choi's Line Hotel!

Filipino Cuisine, both fusion and traditional, has now have a solid footing in Los Angeles. Restaurants like the Park's Finest, Baker Cakemaker and Creme de la Creme are showcasing their version of food with a Filipino twist. Many pop-ups happening in and around Los Angeles, hosting out-of-state chefs, culinary collectives and restaurants at local restaurants or as intimate as the dining room table of a dinner host's home, selling out tickets and extending more spots to accomodating the need.

These events are so popular that they sell out. Keep an eye on their Pop-Up Online Shop for the released link of their tickets.

Instagram pic @foodandsh_t

Instagram pic @foodandsh_t
Mochiko Geoduck
Update: Los Angeles Magazine online just released an article about Filipino food.
From my perspective, it is a long time coming. I have seen it buzzing and rising and only until recently, despite of the footing Filipino cuisine gained in other metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and New York, Los Angeles needed to catch up. Southern California, with it's rising Filipino demographics, trailed behind in embracing Filipino cuisine as food that can translate and presented to the masses. Filipino food is soul food. It is homemade and it tells the story of your family as everybody has their own unique recipe. For my parents' generation, it is hard for them to want to leave the house and try other Filipino food when the food cooked at home is delicious.

It certainly took a new generation to stand by this concept of supporting our culture by introducing to non-Pinoys, our cuisine. I knew I would see this day!

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