A Healing World : 40 Days of Cleansing


On August 17 to September 25th, I will be participating in a 40 day liver and toxin cleanse developed by Erika Elizondo. I attended a women's workshop at MumuMansion put on by Melinda Alexander. Erika was one of the women in the audience. After we talked about yoni eggs, kegal exercises and vaginal steaming, Melinda brought up Erika to the limelight to talk about her cleansing program.

It sparked an interest. Normally, I don't really partake in any of that. My own stubbornness would chime in and say "Oh but we do that already" and "Why should I pay for anything when I can do my own research and figure it out myself?" Well, Ego has a way of taking charge and she loves being independent. After all, I did so well by going through a Paleo diet, losing over 50 pounds. But something happened where my body is starting show signs of stress, particularly on my skin. An autoimmune disorders started to run rampant and my summer has been nothing but heat rashes and psoriasis. At this point, I need to surrender and go with the flow, that meaning there is an underlying interest and need to do something I am not used to and be open to the knowledge and wisdom that has been concluded after months of her research. Plus Erika's bio indicated that she, like me, suffers from autoimmune disorders. That is the deal breaker there.

I'm all signed up. I will be documenting my journey here, on this blog, as well as sharing my recipes and dishes.

I'm very excited to start and I am very excited to share the process as well as the results.

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