Too Fly at Open Space on Fairfax


On November 17th, 2016, Too Fly NYC had a one night pop-up shop at Open Space Gallery and Coffeeshop on Fairfax Avenue. I have loved her work since 2000 when sites like and made the world smaller. Her work is undeniably hip-hop and unapologetically feminine. She gave a spotlight to all the "Round A Way Gurls" who are often looked over at a time when it is a normally male-dominated scene. The women she painted is relatable to me, some looking like me or people who are close to me. I've always loved the attitude the women in her paintings, murals and illustrations exuded.

Not too long ago, she moved to Ecuador and her current work is a reflection of her introspection and experience. She started adding more elements of nature and indigenous culture in her subjects, many of which now has a spiritual essence to them. She rightfully calls this current series the "Love Warriors," the same Round A Way Gurl but this time grown up and more evolved and having more angles to their being. Messages of freedom and liberation are now expressed in her work. 

Too Fly is currently in LA for Designer Con in Pasadena. Catch her there or purchase her prints at Open Space LA at 457 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Check out her links:
IG: toofly_nyc

The wall across the coffee bar

Native Soul: Limited bring: $100

Moon Flower: Limited edition color print: $150

Free Spirit: Limited edition print: $150

Free Spirit (B&W): Limited edition print: $100

These prints are $50

With the artist, Too Fly

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